Our Salon has been in the business of servicing our Waukesha clientele for over 30 years at our present location.

Foxies offers up-to-date personalized services that will enhance you, make you look and feel younger and will help you to think more positive about yourself.

We carry the Exclusive JA Line of hair care products for your at-home-hair-care-needs. These are High Quality, Salon Only Products that will allow you to “keep up” the look as if you are in the salon daily. We educate our clients in all phases of their hair care. 

Please take time to view our offerings. Contact us for your appointment or consultation as needed. 

We are looking forward to serving you .

Mary Bousman (Owner-Stylist)

John Bousman (Stylist, Husband..) 

We are located on Wisconsin Ave, One Block WEST of the Waukesha Public Library, on the same side of the street.

Look for the Purple House
(yup-it's really purple)
on the South side of the street
Parking behind the Salon

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Please Note that after April 01, 2009, due to increased cost-back operational costs and future implied liabilities, we will NOT be able to process "Credit Cards" or related electronic transfers of funds. We are sorry for this, but costs have gotten too prohibitive.